Phone: 813-551-2000 or 813-480-4846
Address: 8111 Anderson Road--Tampa, FL 33634
Email: Laurinda@OTVA.org 
 or Laurap@OTVA.org

Thank you to the National Champions: Mariah Walker (OTVA Alumni), Alli Stumler and Gabby Curry for joining our practice!


U13 Tabitha - USA Bid at Big South

U14 Laura - 1st Place OPEN Bid at Sunshine Qualifier

U14 Laura - OPEN Bid at Big South

U15 Randy - OPEN Bid at Sunshine Qualifier

U16 Robin - USA Bid at Northern Lights Qualifier

U16 Chad - USA Bid at Windy City

U17 Justeen - USA Bid at Windy City Qualifier

U17 JP - 1st Place OPEN Bid at Big South

18 Dexter - OPEN Bid at Beast of the Southeast

2019-2020 Season Recap

With season being cut short and after attending only 1 National Qualifier, we had several top finishes at the Sunshine National Qualifier and would of had several more bids to come!! Top Finishes:

  • 12 Kesha - 5th in Gold

  • 13 Liz - 5th in Gold

  • 15 Robin - 9th in Gold

  • 15 Michelle - 9th in Gold

  • 16 Jason - 5th in Gold


Interested in Playing for OTVA?

All players interested in being a part of OTVA, now is the time to reach out!!! We would love to discuss the potential opportunities we have for your daughter between now and our 2021 club season. We are excited to hear from you! Please click on the button below to complete a form and we will contact you directly with additional information

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Interested in Coaching?

If you are interested in being apart of our coaching staff, please email: Laurap@orlandosportscenter.com




OTVA: Top Volleyball Club In Tampa

The OTVA volleyball club in Tampa has two locations; Tampa, and Tampa (Elite). Located in Clearwater and Anderson, the clubs are our second most popular location. Our Tampa volleyball facility includes three courts, a weight room, and a parent and player lounge for them to relax and eat. Tampa (Elite) is our second largest facility, with six indoor courts, being the home of twenty four teams. In keeping up with our title of the top volleyball club in Tampa, we have a state of the art weight training room, which helps you gain muscles, prompting faster agility on the court.

OTVA Mini Club Tampa

The OTVA Mini Club goes on from August until mid-October, every year. Tournaments are held twice a week. The Mini Club helps to enhance the abilities of the players, instructing them in the discipline. The athletes go through grueling training sessions, aimed to increase their fundamental and team building skills. Click here for more details, and to register your child with us. The Mini Club is the perfect place to learn more about why we are considered the best volleyball club in Tampa. Being a part of the Mini Club teaches you a lot about what it is like to be actually out on the court. It helps you build team spirit, as well as instill a sportsmanship spirit in you.

Open Gyms

To familiarize you with our coaches, and help you get a sense of our training practices, we have started offering free open gyms. If you are interested in being a part of OTVA, and want to get a feel of the place beforehand, there is no better place to start your journey with us. Click here for additional information for try-outs. The open gyms are the best place for you to prove that you have what it takes to be a part of the top volleyball club in Tampa, FL. In our open gyms, we select nothing but the best, noting those who have the passion, even if your game can use improvement.

Tampa Volleyball Summer Camps and Clinics

There are various camps and clinics held by the OTVA club, aimed primarily to help the young athletes to understand and improve their game. Held for both boys and girls, these camps and clinics help the athletes out their skills to work. Primarily, the six basic volleyball techniques are further polished, which include passing, blocking, setting, digging, serving, and attacking. Additionally, skills such as individual and team defense, ball control, hitting and serving, and a variety of other tricks are taught. The camps are open to all skill levels, from the absolute beginner to the advanced athlete. Our coaches take a personal interest in your game, and do all in their power to help you achieve the pinnacle of your talent as a part of the best volleyball club in Tampa. If you are looking you improve your game, or simply learn new techniques, then attending these camps is a must for you. These camps are open for you whether you train with Tampa, or Elite. To find out more information about these camps and to register, click here.