Emerging athletes need established care.

The Orlando & Tampa Bay Volleyball Academy (OTVA) is here to expose and enrich our kids’ greatest talents. CORA Physical Therapy and Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic (Jewett) are here to make sure that nothing stands in their way.

The partnership between OTVA, CORA and Jewett ensures that student athletes remain healthy and strong as they hone their skills.

OTVA trusts our nationally certified and state-licensed athletic trainers (ATCs) who can be found on the court at practices, games and tournaments, and in our cutting edge facilities around the greater Orlando area.

Hosting CORA’s trusted ATCs on-site means less time out: assessments are immediate and treatment plan implementation is more vigilant. When necessary, it also ensures high-quality immediate and emergency care.

Off-site at any of our many area locations, CORA’s highly qualified ATCs and physical therapists (PTs) offer OTVA participants complimentary injury screens, progressive treatment programs and access to the area’s most reputable orthopedic specialists, should a referral be necessary.

CORA Athletes

  • Miss fewer practices
  • Play more games
  • Increase compliance for return-to-play plans
  • Alleviate parental concerns
  • Save money in healthcare costs

On the court and in your neighborhood.

Visit coraphysicaltherapy.com to find the CORA clinic nearest you.

For more information or to schedule your complimentary screen contact:

Bryan Anderson, MS, ATC, LAT

Regional Sports Medicine Coordinator



Treating Everyone Right


At Orthopedic Medical Group of Tampa Bay, we aim to provide the highest level of orthopedic care to every patient, while demonstrating unwavering dedication to personal integrity, honesty and ethics. We strive to make patient care our greatest concern. We have worked hard to create an atmosphere that focuses on the patient’s experience, all the way from the initial evaluation to return-to-play. We take pride in emphasizing that we care for patients first and their orthopedic pathologies second.

We have hand selected a team of professionals dedicated to athletes with the goal of injury prevention and, when necessary, guided return-to-play care after an injury is sustained. Our team consists of fellowship-trained sports medicine Orthopedic surgeons, athletic trainers, physical therapists, strength and condition experts, speed and agility coaches, and personal trainers who work together to turn injuries into success stories. All our team members work on and off the field to keep our players healthy and in peak condition. From professional athletes to youth sports, we provide the highest quality medical care and rehabilitation to all our patients.

We have developed a seamless process of progressing injured athletes from the medical office, to rehabilitation and then back to competition. After an injury, our team of sports medicine physicians and athletic trainers are available to assist immediately. Our team covers many local high schools and club sports teams and are many time the first to evaluate injuries on the field or sidelines. Our patients range from weekend warriors to professional athletes. If not seen at the time of the injury, an appointment can be made online or by phone and we will expedite an evaluation. This is usually possible within 24-48 hours. If advanced imaging Is necessary, our local imaging partners also will work to expedite imaging as needed.

We are excited to work with the dedicated coaches, athletes and families associated with OTVA. Please visit our web site for more details about our physicians, services and locations.