OTVA: Best Volleyball Club in Orlando

Situated in the heart of South Orlando, the South Facility is often referred to as our main campus. Furthermore, we are also known as the top volleyball club in Orlando, and likely so. Offering you a wide variety to pick and choose from, we have the largest and the best facilities that you require for training, including fourteen indoor training courts, and twelve indoor playing courts. However, if you are more inclined to train on the beach, we have that covered for you as well. In 2008, we further expanded our courts, including five professional sand courts. Listening and catering to your requirements is why we are included among the best volleyball clubs in Orlando.

Offices and Recreation

As The Orlando Sports Center is the largest among our listings, it has become our unofficial home for hosting tournaments, recruiting showcases, and a lot more activities. Moreover, our administrative offices are also located there. Click here to ask us your questions. In addition, our front lobby is the perfect place for you to relax. Being the top volleyball club in Orlando, it is our duty to ensure that you find the best of everything. For this purpose, in the front lobby, we have facilities for you to enjoy, the VolleyShop, and the OTVA Café. The VolleyShop has all our merchandise, including knee-pads, spandex, memorabilia, and a lot more. Furthermore, you can also order our merchandise online. The OTVA café is counted among the more popular eateries for parents and children alike, being known to serve hundreds of teams during matches.

Summer Camps

We also have camps that are held during summer, for additional training and improving the game of the trainees. The main focus of these camps is to further develop the techniques of the trainees. Various types of camps are held, engaging in basic training like passing, attacking, blocking, digging, setting, and serving, all the way to advanced techniques of playing the game, including positional drills. We live up to our title of the best volleyball club in Orlando, by encouraging our trainees to test their stress skills through positional drills. Click here to sign up for our summer camps, and learn the best skills in the game.

Our Coaches

We select our coaches based on their expertise, their adaptability on the field, as well as the way they interact with their players. Our coaches have a strong playing background in volleyball, and most of them have been playing the game since their childhood. Furthermore, all our coaches have a passionate love for the game, and are eager to pass on their knowledge to all their players. They do not hesitate in passing on their expertise, always ensuring that their team comes out on top. The coaches build teams which are perfect for winning all matches and trophies. However, your involvement makes the team. You are the main component that has made OTVA Volleyball, Orlando, the top volleyball club in Orlando. Without your continued support, we would not have reached this far.