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Cloverleaf (postponed)
NEQ Philadelphia (postponed)
Volleyfest April 4-5 (postponed)


USAV has suspended all practice until April 15th. We will continue to update you when new information becomes available.


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CONGRATULATIONS Daytona Winter Fest Teams

OT 14 P Alex
3rd in GOLD

OT 15 P Katie
3rd in GOLD


West Palm Beach Volleyball Mini Club

The OTVA mini club is the perfect place to spot budding talent in volleyball. If your child has a penchant for the game, there is no better place for them to learn and grow, other than the best volleyball club in West Palm Beach. We group the children according to their age and experience is the game and give them an opportunity to try-out with us. Our coaches are well versed in the art of picking out talent, and we understand if you have passion for the game, even if your game may not be that strong. Click here to become part of our Mini Club, and pave your way to becoming the best talent of volleyball.

Our Volleyball Coaches in West Palm Beach

Our West Palm Beach, FL volleyball coaches are picked exclusively, based on their abilities to teach the game, their passion for volleyball, and their relationship with children. Our coaches have been playing almost their entire life, and they have an idea about each and every varied nuance in the game. They want to pass on their wisdom to youngsters, and thus join us, because there is no other place that they will get to share their knowledge openly. This occurs mainly because our organization does not interfere between your coach and you, in turn stimulating a holistic environment for growth. Our coaches never use negative reinforcers such as bullying or punishing you to make you the best volleyball player you can be.

OTVA Is Your Top West Palm Beach Volleyball Club

For us, nothing is more important than your training. We make sure that we employ all methods to ensure your comfort. We know that without your patronage and continued support, we would not have become the top volleyball club in West Palm Beach. We recognize the excellence in you, and always do whatever it takes to bring out your talent, and showcase it to the world. We hope that we continue to retain our position year after year with your constant support by our side. Be it wanted a coach of your preference or training at a particular time, we are always more than ready to accommodate your needs, provided they are valid. Here’s hoping our constant support of each other continues to grow, year after year.