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ADDRESS: 1200 Charles St., Longwood, FL 32714
PHONE: 321-972-9546
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Congratulations to 17 Felix
17 Open AAU National Champion

OTVA: Best Volleyball Club in Orlando

We are committed to excellence. We have three goals: to help your child excel as a volleyball player, as a person and to have fun! Here’s how we will reach these goals:First, we will provide our players with the finest coaching available. Many promise that, but few deliver on that promise. It takes a major financial commitment by us to bring you the best coaching, but we believe all athletic success starts and ends with great coaching. Great coaches are great teachers. Our coaches are strict and have high expectations, but are wonderful people. We will also create a first class environment. Our motto is “Play like a Champion, Think like a Champion, Act like a Champion.”Second, sports provides life lessons which last forever. We try to teach our players that talent will only take you so far, but attitude will make you a champion. We stress that it’s the attention to details that is the difference between being great and being a champion. We bring many prominent role models outside of volleyball to inspire them about school and life.Finally, we think of ourselves as a family and have lots of fun. We hold many fun bonding events outside of volleyball. Just ask our players.We hope you will become part of the OTVA family!

Our Coaches

We select our coaches based on their expertise, their adaptability on the court, as well as the way they interact with their players. We have the most qualified coaches in central Florida. Our coaches have a strong playing background in volleyball, and most of them have been playing the game since their childhood. Furthermore, all our coaches have a passionate love for the game, and are eager to pass on their knowledge to their players. They do not hesitate in passing on their expertise, always ensuring that their team comes out on top. The coaches build teams which are perfect for winning all matches and trophies. However, your involvement makes the team. You are the main component that has made OTVA Volleyball, Orlando, the top volleyball club in Orlando. Without your continued support, we would not be the top club in Florida. 


We also have camps that are held during the year. Various types of camps are held, engaging in basic training like passing, attacking, blocking, digging, setting, and serving, all the way to advanced techniques of playing the game, including positional drills. We live up to our title of the best volleyball club in Orlando, by encouraging our trainees to test their stress skills through positional drills. Train with the best…OTVA Coaches!