Phone: 757- 647-4498 (Will)

Facility: Jacksonville Ice & Sportsplex

Address:  3605 Phillips Hwy, Jacksonville, FL 32207

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OTVA: The Best Jacksonville Volleyball Club

The OTVA Jacksonville facility houses three indoor courts, aimed towards the proper training of the athlete in you. Housing a state of the art indoor court, our facility is only one of the reasons why we are known as the best volleyball club in Jacksonville. We are proper, professional, and do not hesitate to bring out the best in you. We do not want to just turn you into a volleyball player, we want to make you the best one there is. Furthermore, we also actively work towards making your character the best that it can possibly get, stimulating an experience of team building and individual game-play.

Our Jacksonville Volleyball Coaches

Our coaches are trained to utilize the best in you, often doing whatever it takes to ensure that you play your best game when the time comes. Our Jacksonville volleyball coaches are hired exclusively, based on their passion for the game, their ability to teach, and their relationship with players. They do not push you, bully you, or utilize any negative reinforcements to get your head in the game. They nurture not only your game, but your character as well. Under their direction and coaching, you learn how to tackle stressful situations, not only on the court but off the court as well. The coaches are dedicated in their work, and always lead their team to victory. Our coaches are one of the main reasons why we are known as the top volleyball club in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville, FL Volleyball Mini Club

As the top volleyball club in Jacksonville, we also host a Mini Club, designed to help you better you game even more. The Mini Club focuses on volley specific skill-sets, which enhance the movement of the players, their fundamental skills, and their overall abilities. As a Mini Club, we also focus on team building and individual growth. The mini club is open to children fourteen and under. We know that children are more open receptive to ideas of friendship and character building, and we know the importance of making children understand these ideals at a young age. To register for the Mini Club of the best volleyball club in Jacksonville, click here.

Open Gym At Our Jacksonville, FL Facility

We have opened a free open gym, in order to familiarize yourself with our stadium and our coaches, for you to understand what it takes to play with the top volleyball club in Jacksonville. If you are interested in signing up with OTVA, the best place to get a feel of our practices is to register for the open gym here. In the Open Gym, you will get to understand what it is like to train with us. Our coaches never back off, and are always more than ready to hone the skills of those who have a passion for the game, even if their game may still be amateurish. In the open gym, you are divided into teams depending on your age and expertise in the game. The open gyms help you to gain confidence in your skills as a player, and are the first step to turn you into the best volleyball player that you can possibly be.