Our formal tryouts for 2021 are over but if you are interested in joining a club team for the 2021-2022 season, please contact the facility director for a tryout!

Orlando/Longwood Tryouts
Tampa/Clearwater Tryouts
Jacksonville Tryouts

A Note about Tryouts

Tryouts are a stressful process but we try to make it as comfortable for players and parents as possible. Although OTVA is recognized as the top club in Florida (and one of the top 3 in the country), we have players of all levels – from beginner to advanced. We form more teams and have more opportunities than any other club. Most of all, we don’t want anyone to feel intimidated.

OTVA offers the finest coaching and has established a winning and highly professional culture. Coaching and culture – that’s what makes us the best!

OTVA also offers scholarships to assist players that need financial assistance. Just let your facility director know at the time you tryout.

Listed below are a few other important items:

• If you cannot attend tryouts, please contact the facility director to arrange for an alternate tryout.

• Although some players play “up,” we encourage players to play in their age group – your age group is determined based on your birthday,

• All players are required to tryout in their respective cities – unless otherwise approved by the owner, Bob Gries.

Registration Paperwork

Please go to your tryout location for specific paperwork needed.

If you do not upload the documents below while completing your paperwork online please bring the following:

1) Copy of Birth Certificate or valid Passport

2) 2020-2021 AAU membership (from previous season)

*You will be required to purchase 2021-2022 AAU & USAV memberships after tryouts.

$75 for online pre-registration OR $100 the day of tryouts. If accepted for the team, $500 deposit due at the end of tryouts to hold your spot.

Scholarships and/or financial assistance are available. Please speak to your facility director for more information.

Facility Directors


Felix Viera

Email Felix

Cynthia Ortega

Email Cynthia


Laura Stegenga

Email Laura

Laurinda Nguyen

Email Laurinda


Will Berdecia

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Kim Padak

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