General Information

2019 Mini Season
MINI SEASON BEGINS Sunday August 11th
Sundays @ Benjamin Upper School
14u, 15u: 9:00-10:30AM
13u, 12u, 11u, 10u: 10:30AM-Noon
Wednesdays @ Benjamin Lower School
14u, 15u: 7:30-9:00PM
13u, 12u, 11u, 10u: 6:00-7:30PM

It is not too late to join! Email:

Complete Mini Season Cost – $450

Mini Season is open to players in Grade 2-9. Every player that wants to participate in Mini Season will have a spot in our mini season. We have an evaluation to properly group the players, NOT a tryout for mini season!

Mini Season includes a Palm Beach T-shirt, 8 weeks of practice and a Palm Beach scrimmage date.

Mini season is an opportunity for players to improve individual skills. We value the importance of starting young with good habits and solid fundamentals. We will help all athletes to learn the proper technique so that they can advance and be successful in volleyball. We are looking forward to helping all OTVA Palm Beach Mini Season Players to be improve their skills and to fall in LOVE with the sport of Volleyball!

All players must be 2019 AAU members after making a team.

Every year AAU Memberships are available for purchase and/or renewal on August 15th. 
Please read which one applies to your daughter and how to proceed.

My daughter does not have a 2018-2019 AAU Membership:

You will sign a facility waiver for your daughter and then purchase the 2018-2019 membership on August 15, 2019.
My daughter has a 2018-2019 AAU Membership:
We ask that you bring a copy of your 2018-2019 membership card to the placement day then purchase the 2018-2019 membership on August 15. 2019.
On August 15, 2019 all players must purchase a 2018-2019 AAU Membership:
Please visit after August 15, 2019 and click on Join Now.
($14.00 2018-2019 athlete membership) Make sure to choose OTVA as your club