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My son played winter season for OG, does he buy a new uniform for Summer Season?

Returning OG players will be able to use their uniform from the winter season—they will not have to purchase new uniforms. The dues will reflect this.

Are the players required to wear a “team shoe”?

Orlando Gold is does not require a specific brand but asks you to please stay in the color scheme of: black, white, silver and/or gold.

Are the players required to wear specific practice uniforms?

A specified color (black or white) OG tee shirt is the only required item for practices. Each team will decide the color for their practices and each player is responsible for having the correct colored shirt. In the event the proper colored-shirt is not worn, it can be purchased for $8.00 in the OG office.

Can additional OG items be ordered for players and/or parents?

Yes, of course, additional orders can be taken on items for players or for parents. Orlando Gold gear makes great gifts for your son, friends and family and especially for yourself! Please visit our pro-shop to order.

Does my son have to take all his jerseys to all matches?

Yes, Yes, yes…He will have two (2) jerseys and MUST TAKE ALL THREE TO EVERY MATCH EVERY DAY, even if they are dirty!! At away, tournaments jerseys can be washed by hand or laundered if hotel has laundry facilities. Teams have had to expectantly change their jersey during a match and may be forced to forfeit if a players doesn’t have all his jerseys.

When traveling, can we pack shoes and uniform gear in checked luggage?

NO, No, no….if the bag is lost, he would not be able to play. Each player must carry their gear—PACK SHOES, ALL JERSEYS, SHORTS, AND ANY &ALL GEAR IN BACKPACK SO IT FITS UNDER THE SEAT. This eliminates the risk of a carryon gate check when overhead space is filled. He should never be separated from his gear!!!REEHR

Are travel expenses included in the club dues?

Travel is not included in the dues and must be booked by parents individually. We will provide the required hotel information on our website and flight itineraries for our coaches, as well. Travel Tip: Many of our parents and players share rooms to help keep their costs down.

What are the travel days for the out-of-town tournaments?

We travel the day before tournament play begins. The teams will gather for a pre-tournament team meeting that evening at 830p or 9p, so please book your flights accordingly. Return flights should be booked any time after 6:00p on final day of tournament to avoid having to forfeit in the finals or incur change fees/missed flights.

Are the athletes required to stay in the same hotel? Where do I find out about the hotel information? Are players allowed to stay by themselves in hotel?

Yes, we are required to stay at specific hotels through the “Stay and Play” Requirements for all tournaments. The hotel information will be posted on the website under the travel information tab and will be emailed to parents as soon as we secure rooms. The boys must stay with their parents or another adult.

What if I am unable travel to an out-of-town tournament?

We ask that you make arrangements for your son to stay with another family/parent. Players are not allowed to stay in a room by themselves. Please make sure that your son is either traveling with surrogate family or booked on the coaches’ flight. Also, please ensure your son takes enough money for meals, which could include breakfast, lunch and dinner and for any healthy snacks.

Is there a curfew?

Yes, yes, yes….10pm curfew for all teams. We want them to be safe, accounted for and well-rested!!

My son is running late or cannot make a practice—what should he do?

Being on time is required; however, if your son is going to be late (for a valid reason) he must contact his coaches as soon as possible. If he is unable to make a practice, he, again, must let the coach know in advance as their practice plan may have to be adjusted. It is important for players to be at all their practices for the team to develop competitively.

I emailed, texted, or left message and have did not get an immediate response?

Our goal at Orlando Gold is to respond to all inquiries as soon as possible, however, 24 hours is a standard response time frame. Please do not contact at midnight and expect a response.

How should play-time issues be handled?

Equal play time is never guaranteed. If the player is unhappy with his situation, he should be the one to approach his coach (at an appropriate time) and inquire “what do I need to work on …..?” Please always remember and respect the “24 HOUR Rule” in which a parent or a player must wait 24 hours after match or tournament before they approach their coach or director regarding an issue. If approached before the 24 hour cool-off time, our coaches can give a respectful reminder of this rule and to contact them at the appropriate time.

“We are a member club of the Florida Region of USA Volleyball. As a player you may stop any unwanted contact from a club representative simply by asking (either verbally or in writing) that all contact cease. Any player believing a club representative of any Florida Region Volleyball club has been intimidating, harassing, or acted inappropriately in any manner of contact or recruiting should contact the Florida Region office at (352) 742-0080.”

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